meet the maker!

welcome to shop heartbaby, a one stop shop for all of your favorite swiftie accessories (and more)

meet nicole! an artist, maker, and designer living in los angeles.

she's a huge taylor swift fan (has been since the speak now era), absolutely adores her husband, and is living her lifelong dream of becoming an artist "when she grows up".

she uses her passion for unique designs to bring her customers one-of-a-kind swiftie earrings and thoughtfully curated gold jewelry. nicole believes that jewelry is a form of self-expression and strives to make pieces that reflect that.

the maker, nicole!

all it takes is a good pair of earrings to feel confident in yourself

heartbaby stocks high quality, affordable pieces that ~hopefully~ bring a smile to your face. swiftie earrings, made by a swiftie!

life is short, wear cute earrings! ⟡